Certificate of Authenticity

The Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is possibly the world’s best security-of-ownership system for fine art prints.  It absolutely establishes your ownership of that particular print for insurance or any other recording purposes.   

The heavily watermarked Certificate is unforgeable.  It is overprinted with the actual image of the work and its details and then each Certificate is signed and numbered by the artist. 

The Certificate contains an embedded hologram with a unique serial number.  A second hologram with the matching serial number is affixed to the back of the print itself.  Any later attempt to remove this hologram will destroy the serial number and leave a tell-tale mark on the back of the print. 

We send you the Certificate when the period for our 21 day Australian or 60 day World-Wide Money-Back Guarantee has expired 

We then register the serial number and your ownership details in the Hahnemühle Master Data Base in West Germany, as well as on our own, confidential company data base.  This information will never be shared with any third party without your written permission.   

Should you wish to change the ownership details; eg, if you sell the work or gift it to someone, please write to or email us and we will organise the necessary changes to our own and Hahnemühle’s Data bases. 

When you receive the Certificate, please keep it in a safe place with your other valuable documents.

Moon Point - Fraser Island
Ralph Wilson

Paris Studio
Wendy Sharpe

The Far Shore
Lawrence Daws

Barbara Weir

Cressida Campbell

The Diva and Her Impresario
Barry Humphries

Eucharist Lillies
Margaret Olley

The Cliffs from Goomoolahar
William Robinson

Family Group, Fiji
Ray Crooke